Four Things Paper creates custom paper goods and designs with handmade + hand painted elements embellished with calligraphy and hand lettering. Our designs are most often infused with whimsical floral elements and soft watercolor textures. We want you to celebrate every moment of your life with unforgettable creations you are proud to share and worth keeping for a lifetime. 

Read below an interview with Loren James, the creator and owner of Four Things Paper.

How long have you been in business?
“I’ve been a graphic designer and printer for a family business since 2010 but I branched out and started specifically designing and printing wedding invitations and stationary in 2011.”

How did you get into the invitation/stationary field?
“It started when I got engaged in 2010 and was looking for my own wedding invitations. I couldn’t find anything I liked so I designed and printed my own. I then started experimenting with various forms of hand lettering and calligrpahy and fell in love!”

Describe your overall style of the invitations you design:
“I am most inspired by romantic and whimsical weddings so when designing invitations I try to convey that soft romance and incorporate a handmade feel and rustic, vintage elements. I especially love adding hand water-colored illustrations and maps. I’m always excited to try new things and think outside the  box with loud and bold styles but If you love hand written touches, floral designs and earth tones I’m definitely your girl!”

What sets you apart in the wedding invitation industry?
“I can offer you a unique and memorable experience of creating and falling in love with your own one of a kind wedding stationery or custom design.
In a private meeting or through an online design form and emails I’ll get to know you a bit and discuss the details about you and the things you would love incorporated in your design. Whether it be casual and playful with natural elements or romantic and subtle with a luxurious feel I'll ask the right questions to get down to what you're really looking for. 
After the initial meeting, I spend time putting together a inspiration collage specifically for you and from there put together a design you will absolutely love and that you helped create!

I also offer all inclusive pricing which means that you wont be charged for each little detail and the many changes you'll have. The beginning of the design process includes 4 free rounds of proofs with unlimited changes within those proofs."

This sounds awesome and pricey! Can I afford this custom experience?

“Since I tailor make every design and suite for every bride, I am able to work around most financial situations. If your budget has room for all the bells and whistles I can incorporate those into the design from day one! If funds are tight and you want a unique experience but don’t have much room to splurge I can create a suite that I we will design and print while staying within your budget."


I’m very interested but I am not local to you. Do you work with out of town brides?
“Absolutely! I have worked with brides whom I’ve never even seen face to face. Through phone calls and emails I can get enough information to do just as well as if you lived next door. Once the design is finalized I can easily ship your entire order to your door within  a few days.”

Who do you work best with and who wouldn’t be a good fit?
“I work well with creative DIY brides as well as those who have enough on their plate and want the full service done ahead of time. I love working with brides who have a unique taste and want something they’ve never seen before. Any bride that could walk into an invitation store and be happy with any design as long as its affordable and in their wedding colors probably wouldn’t fully appreciate the personalized service that I offer.

What is expected of me?
"I expect the brides I work with to have some ideas for the invitations. We figure a lot out together so no need to have it all figured out, just a place to start. Having photos saved or links on Pinterest works great! The more the better so I can get a clearer image of what it is your looking for. I also expect my brides to be available over email since I use it for many things throughout the process.”

Do you offer other services besides designing and printing stationery?
“Yes! Take a look at our SERVICES page for all the goodies!

What do I do next?

“Next thing you’ll want to do is send me an email or fill out one of our custom design forms! Keep in mind, your personal designs will have a price quote specific to your needs so I need to get to know you before I can give you a price quote

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