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Custom illustrated gifs to use on your stories on Instagram! Yep, just search for your own tag like - mybrandgifs. Tell your followers about the search tag and they can use them in their stories!

Perfect for a brand who wants to use gifs that compliment their feed. The avid instastory-er who wants to elevate their story game. Or make a custom batch for your event/wedding and tell your guests to use special gifs for your celebration!



Order in batches of 3. Gifs are $12 each. 



Please leave brief descriptions of all the gifs you're ordering. Email the list if that's easier - with your order # in the subject.



Illustration timing depends on how many you order. Usually about 2 weeks.

After they are illustrated I'll upload them to the gallery and they'll be available to use within 3-4 days.

Custom gifs

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